“You have been able to put dogs and cats in a closed bag. Everybody got out alive and, more amazing, respecting each other's different points of view and agreeing that we could achieve something together.”

Osler Dezouzart, Brazil

Why the Food Lab?

Why the Food Lab?

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Membership is open to companies and organizations with one or more individuals committed to the goals and process of SFL, and who have support from senior management to pursue these goals, attend meetings, and share learning from projects. All members contribute time and money to the work of SFL.
As an SFL member you will be joining a potent and unique collaborative environment that connects with people, projects, and ideas you need for success in global markets increasingly focused on sustainability.
Benefits Include:
    • An option to allocate half of your membership fee to a collaborative project that serves your needs. Some Food Lab projects are confidential, some involve peer learning from people in other organizations, and others are quite public and designed to address common challenges such as measuring social impacts of supply chains and stimulating rapid sustainability imporvment across the U.S. beef industry.

    • Discounted rates on coaching, training, facilitation, and sustainability change management from the trusted and respected SFL team;

    • Discounted rates for participation in the Sustainable Food Lab annual summit and other events;

    • Potential participation in the Food Lab Advisory Board to guide future programs and strategies;
    • Relationships with critical leaders from other companies, civil society, and government. This expansion of your network, which is measured both in numbers and quality of contacts, will allow you to respond with the right people and projects as the situation demands.

    • Oppotunities to leverage the resources of more than 60 other organizations in the design and funding of a project; 
    • Continually refreshed models, maps, and intelligence about the changing landscape of sustainability practice—information that can immediately be incorporated into your strategic thinking and plans; and 
    • The opportunity to shape the direction of global sustainability practice.


For more information on membership, please contact:
Hal Hamilton
Sustainable Food Lab
3 Linden Road,
Hartland, VT 05048 USA
+1 802 436 4062
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What you can do:

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