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 2014 Leadership Summit Meeting Report

"Up Your Game: Agriculture, Respourrce Pressures, Social Impacts, and Qulaity Food"

Meeting Report from the Sustainable Food Lab  Leadership Summit in Lima, Peru. June 2014


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July 2013 Sustainable Food Lab Newsletter

Read about Superior Foods Award from Sysco, Sustainable Sugar Learning Journey to Parguay and Brazil, and current Food Lab projects.


farmfieldsFebruary 2013 Food Lab Newsletter

Read the latest news about our upcoming SFL/SAI Summit, landscape initiatives for sustainable sourcing, sustainability measurement and recording tools, and the Progress Out of Poverty Index for smallholder supply chains.



Agriculture’s Role in a Food Secure Future for the Developing World

The State of Food Insecurity in the World, a report out recently from the International Fund for Agricultural Development, the Food and Agriculture Organization and The World Food Programme confirmed that because poverty remains overwhelmingly rural, investments in agricultural growth have strong poverty reduction effects. And small farmers play a key role in this agricultural growth. A key message of the report states that “Agricultural growth is particularly effective in reducing hunger and malnutrition.”



September 2012 SFL Newsletter

Read the latest news about sustainable sugar, sustainable fish, successful project collaborating in supply chains with African farmers, and news of the Cool Farm Tool use.



ghana_cocoa_nursery_pic_tinyNew Cocoa Business Model Catching On

Read this new post on the Guardian's Sustainable Business blog covering the Food Lab's work in cocoa certification as part of our involvement in the New Business Models for Sustainable Trading Relationships project.



DR_Frogblog Frogblog features SFL 2012 Summit

Tensie Whelan, president of Rainforest Alliance, blogs about her participation in the Sustainable Food Lab Annual Summit in the DR, May 2012.


DR_MTG_reportThe Annual Leadership Summit Report 2012

The Summit was held  this year in the Dominican Republic, May  1-3, 2012 preceded by Learning Journeys.

Read Report 


CFT_wordmarkCool Farm Institute





Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and supply agreements in the agricultural sector have a significant role to play to promote agricultural climate change mitigation and decrease pressure on the earth’s land and climate.

Private sector engagement can also promote food security and positively affect the livelihoods of smallholder agricultural producers in developing countries. Based on a comprehensive literature survey and 15 interviews with key organizations, companies and financiers or lenders, this report investigates: current private sector climate change mitigation activities in agriculture and food production, highlighting current innovations affecting production and supply chains of key commodities; explores how CSR and supply chain commitments can improve their contribution to reductions in agricultural GHG emissions; and surveys the role of governments, finance and investment in promoting sustainability in the agricultural sector. Key findings identify a strong need for harmonization among product standards, certification and by commodity roundtables, and the need to mainstream sustainability criteria in agricultural finance and lending activities.


Unilever Commits to 100% by 2020

Global firm announces plans to:

halve the environmental footprint of its products

help 1 billion people improve their health and wellbeing

source 100% of its agricultural raw materials sustainably

Pepsi publishes report with bold goals

PepsiCo is one of the Food Lab's sponsoring partners in the Global Agriculture Climate Assessment.  They are piloting the use of the Cool Farm Tool with their growers as one of the vehicles to help reach PepsiCo’s ambitious goal to reduce GHG emissions from their core crops in the UK by 50% by 2015.
PDF Report here



Heinz Releases Sustainable Tomato Report



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